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Microsoft Student Partner Program Accepting Applications for 2020

Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft is accepting applications from students across the globe for its Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Program for the year 2020. The selection happens quarterly, with the application open always. Even though there is no official announcement about the date of the next screening, it is expected to be May of 2020. For that cycle, applications from 01 December 2019 to 29 February 2020 may be considered. During the last cycle, applications until 30 November 20 were considered for the results announced in January. So there is no particular deadline for the Microsoft Student Partner Application.

What is the Microsoft Student Partner Program?

Microsoft Student Partner Program is an initiative by Microsoft to find, recognize, and support student leaders. They are the campus ambassadors who have a passion for technology, a desire to share and learn. MSPs expand their knowledge from peers, experts, and self-paced learning materials. MSP program is for those who are eager to support their fellow students, lead a local technical community, and update themselves with the latest technological and career skills. They also mentor their fellow students, organize hackathons, ideate to solve problems, and more. It’s all up to them.

Microsoft Student Partner Eligibility:

  • The applicant should be a minimum of 16 years at the time of submission.
  • Should have enrolled full-time in an accredited academic institution like a college or university.

MSP Application Process:

  • Eligible students can apply directly through the program website.
  • Other than your personal and educational details, you need to submit the following information.
    • A written sample of how you teach a basic coding concept like data type conversions, loops, or a favorite API.
    • Demonstrate your passion for technology by recording a video of yours under two minutes explaining what excites you about technology and why you want to help other students explore and learn. A video recorded using your phone where the voice can be heard is accepted. Once recorded, upload the video to YouTube or OneDrive and submit the URL. You can check on YouTube for many sample videos of previous years’ applications. Here is a sample one.
    • In addition to video, a written sample on the different ways you will reach to your student community to make the students attend an event.

Optional Additional Fields:

Adding the following additional fields will increase your chance of getting selected. But please make sure that they are worth to submit for the application process. Refer my blog on Customizing your LinkedIn profile.

  • URL of any technical blog post or how-to video in any language uploaded before
  • Personal website or online resume URL
  • GitHub repository URL
  • Twitter Handle
  • Stack Overflow display name
  • Instagram account name
  • LinkedIn profile URL

Selected MSPs will get access to resources and tools to enhance their technical and career skills, which are not usually taught in academia. Thus, students can improve their career skills and employability. The selected candidates will be notified by email. 

Things you can start now to get selected as a Microsoft Student Partner?

More than MSP is a selection to do something; it is a kind of recognition for those who did something. And support to do more with a title, access to resources, and community support. So that’s it. Don’t wait for the last date to apply. Please keep doing what you are going to do after getting selected and get recognized for that.

What you can start now:

  • Host workshops, hackathons, and other events for your fellow students in your campus and communities.
  • Expertise some technology and start writing blogs on it. Be ready with a set of blogs to submit during your application. If you don’t have a blog of your own, I recommend exploring the C# Corner platform. C# Corner also has separate benefits for community contributions.
  • Start creating and uploading some tech-how-to videos on YouTube or any other platforms.
  • Develop your portfolio website and add all your activities under the same. Here you can update with photos the workshops, hackathons, or other events you hosted.
  • Add your projects to a GitHub repository and show your technical expertise.
  • Keep a neat and professional social media presence across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as they are going to have a look at it.
  • Be active on stack overflow and improve your reputation by answering other queries.

Microsoft is asking proofs of the above list while applying for the MSP program. So be ready with the same and impress the reviewing committee.

What is the Microsoft Student Partner’s Salary?

Microsoft Student Partner is a volunteer program for students, and there is no salary for the same. But being part of this program may help you to get a better-salaried job after your graduation. Microsoft has already recognized your leadership skills, and adding the same in your resume will weigh your resume and impress other recruiters. Even though no salary in money, you will get many benefits and perks worth thousands of dollars. This opportunity will help you to update your technical expertise and skills.

Benefits of being an MSP?

  • You will become a campus sensation as you are getting recognized by the top global technology leader itself.
  • You may get certificates for the activities you perform and for the program.
  • Invitation to special events by Microsoft and chance to get connected and interact with Microsoft Officials.
  • Top performers may get sponsored invite for the MSP Annual Summit.
  • Access to free tools and resources from Microsoft, including Azure credits with Visual Studio Enterprise subscription benefits.
  • Training on student-specific best practices, new technologies, and career skills.
  • Invitation to be part of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) during your career.
  • Top performers may get an internship & recruitment opportunity.

Apply for Microsoft Student Partner 2020

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