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Campus++ Student Ambassador (CSA)

Campus Student Ambassador

Campus++ Student Ambassador (CSA)s are on-campus student leaders with a passion to share what they learn with their fellow students. They expand their knowledge from peers, experts, or on their own through videos and self-paced learning materials and make it easy for others by writing articles or tutorials, recorded videos or presentations and speaking or training during events.

This will be a stepping stone to the world beyond the four walls of their classroom. The Campus++ Student Ambassador program aims at building a network of like-minded students across the state who share opportunities, nurture and groom them and thus contribute to their career growth. Our commitment to Campus++ Student Ambassador (CSA)s are that we will do our best to keep them engaged and learning. They will serve as community leaders, evangelists, and technology experts in their respective institutions.

What makes you eligible for the Campus++ Student Ambassador:
  • A passion for technology and a desire to learn and explore
  • Currently enrolled in any science, engineering and technology stream in any campus in Kerala and not in final year of the program
  • One who think outside the box and are open to new opportunities
  • Have a “Never Settle” attitude
  • Good in communication and presentation
  • One who think social media is the place where they love to hang out and connect with people
  • Courage to shoot a video of yourself in front of the camera and share with us. This makes us confident that you can conquer your stage fright
What you get during the program:
  • Gain leadership experiences
  • Develop technical and career skills
  • Access to our mentors
  • Find yourself leading a community and mentoring other students
  • Train the Trainer Workshops
What you should do during the program:
  • Choose a domain of your interest and expertise the same within two months of enrolment
  • Develop and host a personal website of your own to showcase your programs and achievements within one month of enrolment
  • Attend a minimum of 10 workshops/hackathons/seminars/ training outside your campus during the term
  • Speak or train at least 5 events with a minimum of 2 outside your campus during the term
  • Author and publish a total of 10 articles or tutorials with a minimum of 3 on career skills for Campus++ and the remaining on your own blog or any other platform
  • Identify and publish various volunteering opportunities, competitions or challenges, success stories or achievements of students, workshops or training happening around the state in Campus++ website
  • Be a part of at least one other similar community like IEDC, IEEE, Microsoft Student Partner, Google Student Ambassador, Firefox Student Ambassador etc. 
What you get on successful completion of the program:
  • A certificate & memento from Campus++
  • Campus++ goodies
  • Invite to CSA Summit & Party
  • Internship & Placement Support
  • Work reference for career opportunity

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
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