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Apply for HackerEarth Campus Ambassador Program

HackerEarth Campus Ambassador

If you are a student who is much passionate about programming and have keen interest to build and lead programming club and community in your own campus, then apply for being part of HackerEarth Campus Ambassador Program. The selected ones will be the face, voice, and evangelist of HackerEarth at their own campus. They will be hosting great programming contests and build the largest network of developers across the globe.


The objective of the program is to promote competitive programming in their own campus, organize programming events, meetups, and competitions, connect and collaborate with other ambassadors and share resources and ideas.

  • You will get a great exposure around the globe for the events you organize
  • A special HackerEarth Swag Pack on getting selected as Campus Ambassador
  • On successful completion of your term, you will be getting a certificate and letter or recommendation from the team.
  • Free passes to HackerEarth events if you are an active HackerEarth Campus Ambassador
  • A chance to become the Problem setter for the Official HackerEarth contest.
Your roles and responsibilities include
  • Introducing new and experienced programmers to HackerEarth Platform.
  • Connecting the team to the programming club and placement cells of your campus.
  • Conducting one full-fledged programming challenge every month on the HackerEarth platform in which HE will provide prizes to the winners.
  • Plugging in HackerEarth as an associate in any technical fest that your college conducts.
  • Conducting pre-placement challenges on your campus.
  • Create a HackerEarth Facebook page/group for your college and use it to promote activities and information about HackerEarth in your college.
  • Conducting Hackathons on HackerEarth.
  • Coming up with innovative ideas on how HackerEarth can associate with your campus.

Students having strong leadership and immense love for competitive programming can apply directly through their program website

If your application is shortlisted you will be asked to send a verification/recommendation letter from the faculty point of contact you’ve mentioned in the email.

Source: HackerEarth Campus Ambassador Page

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